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Although the 1919 eclipse is one the most famous of all time, eclipses have always been admired as sensational events, and often considered as a source of research for scientific, philosophical and religious studies in every culture and every century.

Inspired by the eclipse

EKWATCH is designed and built to trace the shapes of the eclipse

Just like the eclipse, it is made to survive over the years in everyone’s mind

The circular dial is filled with a luminous pigment (C1 and BGW9 Swiss Superluminova) that represents the solar crown formed during an eclipse. During the event, the solar crown is the only element of brightness, as darkness fills the whole sky inside and outside the edge of the sun.

Just like an Eclipse

The Luminova circle on the dial traces the shapes of the eclipse

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Minimal Design

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All the watches are assembled in Italy. Watchmaking is part of our background, we feel the need to carry out the watch assembling process of our watches.

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